*elymode* new release, mash-up and more

This week we’ve got a hot new release, an elymode Mash-up, and gifts for 10 lucky VIP group members! Elymode introduces a new set of clubwear separates – Estrela. These vibrantly textured, sweet-sexy star-themed pieces offer maximum versatility — the suspender top, underbust corset and short skirt can be combined  in any colors or paired with other items in your wardrobe. Instead of selling Estrela as one dress, it is sold as 3 separate items, giving you the freedom to mix and match your favorite colors to create your own look.

Estrela poster2
*elymode* Estrela Suspender top*elymode* Estrela corset
*elymode* Estrela skirt
Estrela poster1

Now I know that not everyone wants to be showing off all their business! For those of you who prefer something more modest, look past the obvious! The Suspender top and Underbust Corset pair very well with other less risque elymode items:

Also this week, we introduce the *elymode* Mash-ups!
Elymode Mash-ups combine 2 or more previously released items that were not designed as part of the same set. The mash-ups are offered for a limited time at my main location at a discounted price to encourage you to combine items you might not otherwise have considered putting together.
For the first combo I’ve put together two of my favorite pieces. The Celestial Journey top in sage paired with the Soft Denim skirt in purple has a weight and color combination perfect for the coming autumn. Worn together they give the illusion of a dress with a shape that gives just a hint of fantasy.
elymode mash-up Aug27

Last but not least for now… one of the perks of being a member of the elymode in world group is the chance to win a variety pack of each new release! Congratulations to these VIP group members, who will receive special mix ‘n match pack of Estrela separates:
Ace Azov
Blair Silvercloud
Dawn Ivercourt
Gwendoline Philbin
Katrina Quixote
Meluna Serpente
Polymela Pinelli
Starleigh Foxdale
Winona Karu
Zelda Soir

come on over to elymode!


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