*elymode* reopens with new releases & gifts

Wow where to begin!? The *elymode* main store has received a face lift, thanks to Feles Seitan. Not only did she create a much more organized space, she also kept me sane during the update! (as Clairee said in Steel Magnolias, “I love ya more than my luggage” ❤ )

So, what’s new, and what’s in it for you?! We’ve got new releases, we’re got gifts, we’ve got limited release items and we’ve got group exclusives. I’ll try to keep this post from getting too long so let’s get started! I’m going to share the pretty pics with you, instead of trying to cram a bunch of vendor photos in here. If you want to see the vendors before you head down to the shop just go here.

First up, the Pacifica set: long and short tanks (those come together in the pack), a knee length skirt and a long flowy gypsy skirt. Available in 5 colors. The green tanks and shorter skirt are currently available free for members of the in world elymode group. (check notices)
*elymode* Pacifica

Next up are the Simply Sheer sets. Available in 12 colors, the tanks and shorties are cute and sexy on their own and pair up well with other items in the elymode collection.
*elymode* Simply Sheer
Also available are matching simple bra and panties that give you the extra coverage you need to wear the tanks out in public (even with the modesty sets you can see a hint of nipple though 😉 ) The bra and panty sets not only provide a little bit of modesty, but also create some great color combinations.
Simply Sheer options

The original Dulce set came in bright candy colors, but I’ve had this caramel-cream variant in my head from the very beginning. The Dulce de Leche color sets will only be available until August 26th. Read carefully, each item has a different level of availability: tanks are free for anyone to come grab (with extra options sent to the group!), the Long Sleeve Top & Miniskirt sets are available for anyone to purchase, and Tiered Skirts are for sale to in world group members only!

In addition to the Dulce tanks mentioned above, I’ve set out a box of some random items. One of the really fun things about designing my own clothing is that if I want something in a specific color, I can open up the file in Photoshop and recolor it to suit my needs. These gift items are unreleased colors of a few of my favorite items. These have never been for sale and after this weekend will become unavailable once again!
elymode gifts

Last but not least…
The in world elymode group is still free to join, but only through the weekend; as of Monday it will cost L$150. There are already a few gifts in the notice history so search groups for elymode. I know we all have to pick and chose our groups carefully; I promise to make it worth while.

I’m probably forgetting something, but I think we’ll all agree this is plenty of information for one post! Here’s your limo!


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