the elymode in world group is about to get some action!

The in-world Elymode group is about to see some gift action, and it’s free to join for a limited time only! Beginning Aug. 16 there will be a small fee ($150L) to join.

We’re all greedy with our limited group slots, so I want to make this one worthwhile. The first gift will be sent this week*; with more to follow next week. Ongoing, VIP members will have access to special sale items, gifts, and exclusives available only to group members.

*The first gift will be a preview of my upcoming release, available early to elymode group members, the fun and flirty Pacifica set, in green.

• How to sign up for the VIP group •
Just search groups for elymode and join !

For those of you who can’t spare the group slot, this subscription group will remain active as a way to announce new releases and to offer occasional gifts.

elysium eilde

p.s. Elymode is coming up on its 1 year anniversary, thank you all for your continued support!!


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