Summer of Love Fair exclusives

The Summer of Love Fair* starts today; when I was invited I first panicked “but it takes me so long to make things I’ll never have anything new or exclusive ready! Then I took a deep breath and got to work. A few days ago I asked RubyStarlight to look at something I was working on, that has a sheer bit at the midriff, and she said to me “I want tank tops that are sheer like this! just tanks…to wear under belly shirts and jackets and stuff” I am still working on a full set with lots of color variety, but I thought they’d be cute with some simple graphics on them, too, so these Night and Day versions were made special for the Fair.


A couple of my favorites got a color treatment; my Soft Denim Wrapped Top & Skirt and my Danaini Tank & Skirt are now available in red. Once the Fair closes these items will not be sold again. (Not only are they special colors for this event, the prices are special too!)

danaini-redsoft denim-red-vendor-square

You can find these 4 items at the Summer of Love Fair from now through August 8th only.

*The Summer of Love Fair is intended to raise awareness of mental illness; there are several kiosks that provide information about the various conditions and issues that people with emotional and metal problems deal with every day. I am appropriately located between “panic attacks” and “generalized anxiety disorder” which I am allowed to find amusing *takes her meds* this is NOT A FUNDRAISER, unless you count raising funds for me when you buy my items 🙂

Here’s your limo.


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