new poses from *xoxo ania*, now on xstreetsl too!

psstt… read to the end if you want a gift from *elymode* 😉
Some fun new poses from *xoxo ania* this week! All of these were created for, or inspired by photos that I did for Second Style Magazine. This June issue’s theme is Fantasy; if you follow my photography at all you know I was just thrilled with that! The 3 person pose set “Play With Us” is for all you faes out there. Created with 1 guy and 2 girls in mind, this pose set works with any combo, as long as 2 of you are wearing wings and feeling mischievous! (Fantastic outfits from Evie’s Closet)

*xoxo ania* Play With Us pose set

Next up is the Frisky Faun pose set, which are some of my favorite *xoxo ania* poses to date. These shots feature the adorable faun costume from Titania’s Court.  The panpipes were made for me by Delora Starbrook of Haven Designs and are also available at my shop. (separate vendor bc they aren’t made by me, but just L$10)

*xoxo ania* Frisky Faun pose set!panpipes-vendor

Last but not least, from a previous issue of Second Style, the Their First Kiss pose set is a sweet and tender couples pose (sweet and tender from ania?? no way!)

*xoxo ania* Their First Kiss

Lots of *xoxo ania* poses, including these, are available on xstreet now if you like to shop that way. or… come on down to *xoxo ania* at the *elymode* main location at the ICON sim, and look near the main entrance for an *elymode* gift available this weekend only!


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