*elymode* special deals this week(end)!

Some special deals happening at elymode this week: an exclusive color item and an outfit on sale for the RFL Hunt for the Cure, plus more sale items and free poses for the Exposeur Lolli Lolli hunt. First up, my wrapped swimsuit with skirt in zebra pink is available this week only! Donate L$10 to the RFL vendor that is (not really) hidden in the center of my shop for this one week only exclusive item!

Wrapped Swimsuit Pink Zebra limited time color

Not exclusive to this event, but a GREAT bargain, I have set one of my favorite outfits on sale. The Wavy Bottom halter and panties and the Angle Waist Skirt in this blue/wine combination can be yours for a donation of L$25 to the other RFL Hunt for the Cure vendor at my shop! The RFL Hunt for the Cure items will be available until July 4th.

Hunt4theCure outfit

My dear RubyStarlight of Exposeur poses has a great hunt going today and tomorrow only, and you can find a couple of male and female poses hidden in lollipops at 2 of my locations! Not only can you get the free poses, I have put one of my  items on sale at each of those locations too. Check the vendor right next to the lolli to get my RubyStar halter (comes with socks) and Shorts in purple for L$50 each. You gotta do a little work though, each item is only on sale at the one location.


Also participating in the Exposeur hunt are FIR, MNA, Baustein and SySy.  When you head over to my shop click the sign at the entrance for a notecard with landmarks. Here’s your limo! Have fun

Exposeur Lolli Lolli Hunt


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