*elymode* Danaini tank & skirt set

Something a little different from elymode this time! A departure from my usual solid-color fabrics, the texture for the Danaini set began as a Monarch butterfly in a field of clover and Queen Anne’s Lace, transformed into a batik-type texture in rich summery colors. This tank top and long skirt set bring to mind a romantic evening someplace warm… maybe you’ve been on the beach or out on the boat all day and now it’s time for a sunset stroll or dinner under the moon…

*elymode* Danaini *elymode* Danaini

*elymode* Danaini *elymode* Danaini

Before I send you off to my store in your limo, I want to thank Feles & RubyStarlight for their ongoing encouragement… it means everything to me to have you guys as my cheering section. ❤

Now, head on down to elymode!

hair from Truth, skin from Belleza, jewelry from Burroughs, poses from Sweet Lovely Cute


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