*elymode* Dulce set

If you’re in the mood for something fun and colorful and with so many options that your head explodes, you should check out the new Dulce set from *elymode*! The Dulce set includes tanks (4 variations for each color set!) skirts (flexi and fluffy or short and sleek) and a long sleeve shirt with texture change cuffs to create so many looks, I haven’t even thought of them all yet.

*elymode* Dulce Set

The tanks come in six 2-color sets, check out what you get in each set: two versions of  dual-color tanks on a single layer, for layer conservation, then you get each side separately too! You can chose to wear just one side, or mix it up with single sides from the other color sets! That is FOUR different tanks, plus panties.

*elymode* Dulce Tanks

The Ducle long sleeve top is semi-transparent and looks great over or under the tanks, or on its own. The texture change cuffs make it easy to coordinate with other items in the set.

*elymode* Dulce Top

There are two skirt options for the Dulce set, the Tiered skirt has a texture change belt to match all colors in the set and moves playfully. It’s designed to cover most shapes pretty well so you can choose to wear the included panties (or go commando!) instead of the glitch pants if you prefer. The Miniskirt is a simple mini, but I tried to make it a tiny bit longer than most super short miniskirts out there. Never fear though, it’s slit right up one side to show some extra thigh!

*elymode* Dulce Skirts

head down to elymode. I hope you find this set even half as much fun as I do.


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