*elymode* new release RubyStar sets & group gift

I have had so much fun working on this one; The RubyStar sets, named for my dear friend RubyStarlight Writer, are colorful and fun and adorably sexy, just like her. For the first two weeks this set will only be available at the Umbrella sim, home to Ruby’s pose shop Exposeur (yep those are her her poses in the photo)

RubyStar sets

The halter tops are mostly backless except for for the area that wraps around low on the hips; each color comes with the matching socks, and you can buy just the pack of 5 colors of socks too.

RubyStar Halter RubyStar Socsk

I started out with a skirt, then decided I wanted to make shorts instead, but then Ruby started to pout so I made both! (please note: the skirt glitch pants are not the same as the shorts layer, they are shaded differently and not interchangeable)

RubyStar ShortsRubyStar Skirt

Last but not least for today, there’s a new gift in the *elymode* hippo-group. The RubyStar Halter & Socks in pink will be available only through the group and will not be sold. The previous gifts can now be found in the lucky chair at my main location.

RubyStar Halter & Socks pink

So come on down to Umbrella to shop at my newest location, and hit up the group kiosk if you aren’t already in the *elymode* group to get your gift. Didn’t get the previous gifts? TP on over to my main location and try your luck, the chair is to the right when you walk inside.


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