*elymode* clothing and *xoxo ania* poses new releases

I hate to admit it, but smoking can be pretty sexy. The Smoking Pin-up set is 6 poses perfect for holding the included cigarette while giving the camera a look that says “come on over here and we’ll both be on fire”!


Not all AVs have the time to sit around looking sexy smoking cigarettes, some of us have to work! Serve up some beer (hmm maybe I should have made a plate of wings too?) with the Waitress set, 6 poses designed to work with the included serving tray with bottles.Β  I know (I hope!) some of you will think outside my little box and hold on to some other things too.


I lost my clothing-makin’ mojo there for a few weeks but I’m back… I think! Here’s a little something until I finish up a bigger something! The Waitress sets are an unusual release for me – only 2 color sets – but I could not resist making these little outfits to go along with the *xoxo ania* Waitress poses! Any resemblance to the orange and white waitress uniform of a famous restaurant is purely a coincidence πŸ˜‰

waitress set white-orangewaitress set black

Head on down to *elymode* and *xoxo ania*
the Waitress poses are on the 1st floor near the clothing, head up the stairs for the rest of the *xoxo ania* poses.


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