*xoxo ania* at Pose Fair 2010 new sets & gift

Head on over to Pose Fair 2010 to check out 2 new pose sets from *xoxo ania* plus a special Pose Fair gift.

Show off your assets with “Kiss My Ass” These 6 new poses are made for your bum.  Some of the poses were created specifically to be taken from behind… i mean… photographed from behind 😉  but they still look great from all angles.

*xoxo ania* Kiss My Ass

“Almost Modest” is another 6 pose set, almost flirtatious but with a touch of reserve. Both of these sets capture Elyania’s sensual character without forgetting how to show off clothing, making these versatile poses for personal photos and well as blogging and fashion photography.

*xoxo ania* almost modest

At the pose fair you will also find a gift of 3 poses, but I’m only going to post a very small ad; one of the shots is definitely not safe for work any larger than this! If you want to see it in more detail, just click the image.

*xoxo ania* Pose Fair gift - 3 poses

You will find both of these sets, the gift and more from *xoxo ania* at the Pose Fair. Here’s your limo right to her booth!


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