*elymode* BANDwagon full release

The BANDwagon dress is now available at *elymode*. This super short dress with a guitar and music note motif comes in two versions, regular and “peekaboo” – I think you can figure out why I named it that 😉

*elymode* BANDwagon dresses

Each version is available in 5 colors and comes with both the dress and a standalone shirt that can be worn with pants, or with the bottom of another BANDwagon dress, making this item versatile for mixing and matching. The original BANDwagon dress has the 5 staff lines seen in sheet music across the cleavage and under the shoulder blades, and carries the black music note motif onto these semi-sheer areas.

BANDwagon vendor

If this is too conservative for you 😉 you might be more interested in the BANDwagon Peekaboo dress which has one nipple just barely peeking through the mesh. (Of course, if you like this style but it’s too revealing, you can always wear multiple layers for a slightly more modest look.) For this version of the dress, the graphic is black and white and the dress colors are more vibrant.

BANDwagon Peekaboo vendor

Get the BANDwagon dresses at my main location.

oh yeah! one last thing, the Celestial Journey limited edition red will be out through the rest of today and then will no longer be available for sale.

Celestial Journey Limited

Grab yours before it’s gone! Only at my Journey location!


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