*elymode* gifts at the ICON hunt

Last week I added the “BANDwagon Peekaboo” dress, in pink to the lucky chair at my new shop at the Journey sim. This week you can get its slightly more modest sister, the original Bandwagon dress in blue as one of 2 elymode gifts at the ICON Liefstyle Sims hunt. This BANDwagon dress in blue is only available during this hunt right now, and though I may stick it in my lucky chair later on, it wont be for sale. You’ll find this item hidden in a little black ICON box near the center if the ICON Lifestyle II sim, not near my store. The full release in multiple colors is coming very soon *looks at the unfinished vendor ads guiltily*

BANDwagon mini dress and shirt Lucky Blue - ICON sim hunt

The other item in the hunt is the Lounging Sweater, in lucky blue. Look for the little black box at my main location, it’s near the entrance but you’ll have to look for it! I chose this color because the lucky blue tank and panties have been in my lucky chair for a while, and it was driving me nuts not to have the full Lounging set available.  I’ve also made the pants in blue, and you’ll be able to get those next week at the MALT Fashions sim *tries desperately to keep track of it all*

Lounging Sweater in Lucky Blue - ICON sim hunt

tp to *elymode* for the lounging sweater
tp to ICON Lifestyle II to hunt for the BANDwagon dress


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