*elymode* limited colors: a special deal and a gift, too!

Two special items from *elymode* today.

When I originally designed my Celestial Journey set, I used soft pretty colors to match the fantasy of the upper level of Tuli’s Journey sim. Well, if you fly down to the ground level of her sim, you find a darker theme, complete with erupting volcano; it’s fantastic! I decided that I needed a deeper, richer color to go with that theme, so I am releasing a limited edition red, available for the next week only. The red set is L$275 (discounted from L$380) and is only available at my Journey location.

Celestial Journey Limited

The other release for today is my BANDwagon Peekaboo minidress and shirt. I’ll be releasing this dress, as well as another similar style in other colors this weekend, but this one is is only available in the lucky chair at my Journey location! In this photo, I am wearing the long shirt with the lower part of the dress, but there are also layers to make it appear to be more of a “once piece” item.

BANDwagon Peekaboo Minidress and shirt

Head on over to Journey for these items, or just to look around the sim, you will not be disappointed!
Here’s your limo.


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