*elymode* new release only at Journey

When Tuli Asturias invited me to set up a location on her sim, which has an amazing new fantasy themed design, I was thrilled! Just take a look at this spot! (or better yet, come visit!)

*elymode* @ Journey!

A special location like this deserves a special creation, so I present my latest release: Celestial Journey. I apologize if I go a little overboard with photos, but I’ve had this one waiting to go for over a month! It’s available ONLY at my Journey location for now.


The Celestial Journey top is sweet and sexy with sculpted sleeves and high collar, and a cut out star motif on the back and arms. Not shown in the vendor photo is a second collar option, with a cape of glowing stars to trail behind you as you move. The sleeves also have the stars/no stars option. The shorts continue the star motif with a little cut-out on the tush, and come with garters to wear with the included stockings or without.

celestial top vendor

celestial shorts vendor

Feles and El and I had SOO much fun dancing around in this, I strongly suggest it.

*elymode* Celestial Journey

OK, just one more; that is my shop glowing in the background. Look how the sim is filled with beautiful spots to sit and to take photos. Go now! In this shot I’m wearing the Celestial Journey top with my Soft Denim skirt. I think I’ll be wearing some color combination of this exact outfit for a week, at least.

elymode @ journey

Here’s your limo to my location at Journey. Oh yeah, in case you have been living under a rock, Tuli just released her Eva skins. You can find those at the sim as well.

vendor photos and brown/green photos: skin- Tuli Eva, hair- Truth Isle (and Jess), boots: Bax Prestige, jewelry- Tuli necklace, discontinued)
purple/blue photos: skin- Belleza Alyson, hair- Uncle Web, Truth and Exile, boots- Bax and Anexx, jewelry- Burroughs, Violet Voltaire


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