*elymode* new store, sale and some free stuff too!

tap tap tap… is this thing on? yes? Hey! I’ve missed you!

The ICON Lifestyle sim, home to my main location, has expanded and been redesigned and I have a fantastic new build; I hope you come check it out. I promise to make it worth your while 😉 Hey, get your mind out of the gutter, I just mean I’m having a sale!

*elymode* new main store

To celebrate my new location (and to bribe you to come on down!) I am having a “Random Sale” with random items in random colors marked down to random prices (between 30% – 50% discounts) Discounted items are marked with a little star on the vendors; they aren’t hard to find,  but you have to get close enough to see those little prims (they have a way of disappearing if you aren’t close enough)

*elymode* sale

To sweeten the pot, I also have a gift box set out, but it will only be there this weekend. It contains a tank & panty set, a tattoo I haven’t released yet, and a septum/lip/labret piercing that I made for myself and is not currently for sale.

My sale and gift will be there through the weekend but if you make it down to the sim this evening, head over to ICON Lifestyles II to the north; Mankind Tracer and Tristain Savon will be providing the musical entertainment for the sim’s grand re-opening party from 6pm-9pm slt and lots of other shops will have some gifts out as well. “Formal Attire Appreciated” says the invite so put on something fantastic and come celebrate.

Here’s your limo to my new main store.


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