Yes Ma’am pose set and some gifts from *xoxo ania*

These are not your mamma’s poses! Well, unless your mamma is a hot dominant woman with a thing for discipline 😉

*xoxo ania* Yes Ma'am pose set

The 8 sexy poses in the Yes Ma’am set have hand positions that allow you to hold a riding crop (included with the full set and also sold separately) and have a strong attitude. You might also find these appropriate to use with other props such as a scepter or weapon. These are tons of fun to play with and photograph.


For this collection, Ania is including 2 versions of each pose when you buy the set: the standard version which is completely stiff, plus each pose with a “loose” neck. This means you can focus on a person or prim, and your AV will look in that direction. This is perfect if you have another model in the photo that you want to look at, and is great for adding a little variety to the poses. (These loose versions are only available if you purchase the full set)

Ania has also set out a few free items for Valentine’s Day. The “Love Yourself” poses are available until the end of next week only, find them upstairs at *elymode*. The Valentine Tiles are on ongoing gift, and perfect photo-studio backgrounds and floors for this time of year.

*xoxo ania* love yourself gift*xoxo ania* love yourself giftvalentine tiles

head down to *xoxo ania* at elymode on the ICON Lifestyles sim.

other details:
Yes Ma’am vendor: hair from Truth, skin from Belleza, clothing from Dark Eden, boots from Bax
Yes Ma’am poster: hair from 0 style, skin from Belleza, clothing from Chaospire, nails from Candy Nail
Love Yourself vendors: hair from ETD, skin from Dernier Cri, lingerie from Pixeldolls, shoes from Maitreya


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