want some free *elymode* goodness?

free *elymode* goodness

You, yes you, can have all this for free! Well, it might take a little bit of work, but I think it’s worth it… after all, you can’t even buy this set in this color, so you have to earn it!

The first one is easy, just head on down to my main location and join the Subscribe-o-matic. The Shorties Jumper was sent to the group just the other day and should be very easy to find in the history: just click the SoM kiosk and click “history”, it’s the first one. The short sweater in teal, pictured above on the right, is also in the SoM, go back to the history for Nov 22 to have it delivered to you.


The last part of the set, the slouchy leggings will take a little more effort, this color can only be found in the lucky chair. My chair seems to be very generous with the wildcard though, so come on down and try your luck.


All items come on all layers, layers are copy, attachments are copy/mod

other items in the photos: hair from Truth, skin from Beleza, jewelry from Solange, sneakers from Redgrave, background texture from ACCEL (modified to be lighter) and… i suck at keeping track of my poses *hangs head in shame*

here’s your limo to my main location


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