*elymode* new releases

New from *elymode* this week: the Shorties Jumper, Slouchy Leggings and by request (hope you like these Ruby!) my Short Sweater, this time in pastels. L-R: Jennaa Loire, Elysium Eilde, Feles Seitan, Elysiana Eilde, Vixie Rayna

*elymode* shorties jumper, slouchy leggings and short sweater

The Shorties Jumper is available in 6 colors, and each color purchase includes one solid color jumper and one two-tone jumper. (If you hover over the vendor in the shop, it will tell you which solid color you get with your two-tone purchase) This is a one-piece jumper and comes on all layers so you can wear it tucked into pants of skirt as shirt, or over a pair of leggings, which is how I like it best!


The slouchy leggings resemble the yoga pants that I wear all the time RL. Body conscious at the top and slouchy at the bottom, my dear Vixie Rayna and I got talking last night about how *we* wore yoga pants 10 years ago, before yoga pants were trendy and we actually wore them to yoga class. But then… I get a little self-righteous sometimes 😉 Stay tuned for another leggings set to match some of my darker items.


Last but certainly not least, the Short Sweater in light colors. RubyStarlight Writer *hinted* at me a few weeks ago that she would really like to have this sweater in pastels, specifically pink… and that inspired this entire set, you know I have to make coordinating items right? Any of you remember Garanimals from when you were a kid? The clothing was labeled by animals, and anything you chose from the same animal would match! *wonders if I should start assigning animal names to my collections.* With each single color purchase you get 2 versions, a fully opaque and a semi-sheer version. The cuffs are color changeable for mix-n-match fun.

short sweater lights

The wavy-bottom halter and shorties are not a new release, but the colors are a perfect match to this set.


Come on down to *elymode* at the ICON Lifestyle sim and check it out.
Also available at my Malt Village location

Fence and some of the poses are from Glitterati, additional poses from Reel Expression. Vendor photos show skins from Belleza and Tuli, hair from Exile and Truth.


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