*elymode* LOTD

If you thought the Feles Mala set was just for clubbers and the impossibly sexy, think again!


As always, *elymode* proves it’s versatility by taking the almost-too-sexy Feles Mala top and pairing it with the flirty angle-waist skirt for a fun look that doesn’t give it all away. Of course, all this fun, flirty, sexiness is made with all the attention to detail you’ve come to expect, I am especially proud of the laces up the back.


*elymode* feles mala bandeau & corset – magenta
*elymode* angle-waist skirt – blue

Come on down to *elymode* at the ICON Lifestyle sim to find these and other mix and matchables in tons of colors.

Bax Prestige Boots Suede purple;!Negko Design Tattoo 70c: butterflies and leaves pink; Detour – Audrey – Tone 4 – Set 5 –  Skin 19; Magika Hair – Mika – Wild Blue; Tekeli-li Melange – Necklace


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