*elymode* new release… what’s in a name?

When working on my latest release, I finally had to surrender and start to give my clothing “names” besides simple descriptions. Where did I start? My best friend of course, Feles Seitan. I’ve known her for 2 and half years but it wasn’t until last week that I learned the origins of her SL name: Feles Mala means “bad kitty” so, I introduce to you, the latest from *elymode*, the Feles Mala set, perfect for the bad kitty in all of you. (It’s also the perfect thing to wear with your Bax Prestige boots, since I pulled the colors in this set from my Bax favorites.)

This mix and match set comes with so many options that I wonder if I should have included an instruction card! The Feles Mala tops include the bandeau, corset, bandeau/corset combo, sheer long sleeve shirt AND combo layers that give you the bandeau and corset options combined with the sheer shirt in order to conserve layers. Yes, THAT is how much I love you! The laces up the back of the bandeau and corset are lovingly hand-drawn and I admit, I feel a sense of pride looking at how I got it all to work out. Single color packs include 7 shirt options on all layers and cost L$325 or you can grab the pack of all colors for L$1625. (tops only)

*elymode* feles mala tops

The coordinating shorts continue the lace up theme at the top of the tush, but this time the lace is untied; I didn’t realize it at the time but this is perfect for all you bad kitties… to reduce tail chafing! 😀 You get a few options here too, the shorts come on both layers with or without the tights, and you also get the tights alone. Single colors are L$175, pack of 6 colors is L$875

*elymode* feles mala shorts

The final component of the Feles Mala set are the arm warmers. The upper arm and forearm sculpts add volume to the material, but for those of you who prefer something a bit more streamlined, the clothing layer is nicely finished and can be worn without the sculpts, or with only upper or lower sculpts. Single colors are L$125, the pack of 6 is L$625. (arm warmers only)

feles mala arm warmers

I love to mix colors, which why I have made myself crazy offering so many options, and selling pieces separately. Of course, I also have full sets in each color available to purchase for L$ 575 per color or… if you love it, and you are totally nuts, and you want your inventory to just EXPLODE with layers and options, pick up the super mega humongous pack of all parts in all colors for the bargain price of L$2750.

*elymode* feles mala full set

Find the entire Feles Mala set at my main store at the ICON Lifestyle Sim.

Have you been asking your friends embarrassing questions on formspring.me ? Some anonymous troublemaker (or maybe it was just Feles?) asked Ruby if Feles and Ruby and I have lingerie pillow fights. Lingerie pillow fights? no that’s tacky. We don’t wear lingerie around each other 😉  Custom “Diva Pillow Fight” poses by RubyStarlight Writer who is currently working on developing her collection of poses and will be open for business soon!

vendor photos: hair from truth, skin from belleza, jewelry from burroughs and luc
glam photos: hair from truth and exile, skins from gala phoenix, lelutka, abyss and detour


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