*elymode* limited holiday sets, share with a friend!

Buy 1 for yourself, get 1 for a friend!

holiday sets

I’ve recolored some of my best sellers especially for the holidays, and in the spirit of the season I will send a copy of either limited holiday set to a friend when you purchase one for yourself.  These sets will only be available until January 2nd, and are priced at L$300.

This wine version of the scooped-out corset has white trim to perfectly complement the silvery-white of the long simple skirt.


The Tied-v in white (ok, it’s kind of light grey) matches the strip on the wine tuxedo pants, and like everything else *elymode* comes on all layers for mixing and matching.


After purchasing either of these sets, just fill out the notecard in the folder and pass it back to me. If I receive the card by 8pm slt on December 24th I’ll deliver your friend’s gift on the 25th. After that, please allow 2 days for delivery. I will accept notecards until January 10th.

Feles and I are wearing the soon to be released Eva skin from Tuli. Update group members received a preview gift today, so check your notices! The poses in the top photo are pulled from 2 separate pose sets, GLITTERATI – A Gift for Me and Juicy- Xmas Pressies.

Here’s your limo to my main store at the ICON Lifestyle sim.


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