*elymode* lotd

Like many Americans this week, I will be visiting my family and celebrating Thanksgiving. I will eat and drink a little too much; I might bring up SL and my “business” once so people can look at me with a confused expression, and then I will avoid adult conversation by sitting in the living room with my nephew drawing dinosaurs; that will be the best part I am sure. I hope the rest of you celebrating this week also have one of those precious moments when you really *are* thankful for the things you have.

I was thinking about what I’d wear from my SL wardrobe for RL Thanksgiving diner, and it hit me how much my SL designs reflect my RL style. The browns and golds are perfect for the autumn holiday, and I am kind of frustrated that I can’t pack this virtual outfit in my overnight bag!

elymode mash-up

*elymode* (here’s your limo)
lounging zipped sweater – brown
lounging pants – brown
angle-waist skirt – gold
angled short tank – gold

skin- Tuli; hair- Truth; boots- Bax; jewelry- Burroughs, nails- Candy Nail; pose- Reel Expression

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