*elymode* Subscribe-O-Matic gift

I’m in the process of creating a three piece set that will include a skirt, bodysuit and short sweater in matching and coordinating colors. As I work, I experiment with a lot of colors, and often there are colors that I love that just don’t fit into the pallet I have decided on. I love this “teal” color, but I won’t be including it in my official release, so I am sharing it with my SoM group.

*elymode* subscrib-o gift

There are two versions included, a fully opaque one for the modest among you, and a semi-opaque one for those of you who are a little more daring. The heart pasties in the photo are not included, but you can wear a bra underneath, or even a tank top…. or who knows, maybe you do have a pair of pasties in your inventory? 😉

Join my subscribe-o-matic and check the history to get the *elymode* short sweater in teal.
Here’s a ride to the *elymode* main store the kiosk is right by the front entrance.


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