*elymode* soft denim

I’ve been working on this for.. oh…. about forever! Ok, ok, three weeks, and to be fair I had another big project in there but still *takes a deep breath to relax.*

*elymode* denim dress

The soft denim texture of the skirt and wrap-around top add a comfy feel to this outfit. The tops and skirts are sold separately so you can match or mix colors, or wear them with other items from *elymode* (I love the top with my tuxedo pants) or any other of your favorite designers *ehem – jeans from Decoy.* Both top and bottom are available in five rich colors that are perfect for the cool weather we are feeling here in the northern hemisphere.

The Wrapped Denim Shirt gives the illusion of wrapping around the body and coming together at the right hip. Shown in the photo is a flexi attachment, but it also comes with a smaller button with no flexi if you want something a little simpler. Many thanks to Solange Cerveau of Solange! Fashions for stepping out of her comfort zone to give me some constructive criticism on my beta version of this, she pushed me to go back in and make those shadows pop, especially where the fabric crosses over itself. Single colors sell for L$225 each, of you can get the pack of 5 for L$990.


The soft denim skirt, though simple, was a bit of a challenge. I wanted the material to look thick, and a little stiff like denim, but to also look soft, and I think I’ve achieved that effect. The skirts were designed to coordinate with the Wrapped Denim Shirt, but are very versatile and will work with lots of other clothing too. In RL, I love long skirts in cold weather; layer leggings or tights underneath with a pair of boots, and add a warm heavy sweater and I’m ready for a winter walk through the park. Single colors are available for L$190 or the pack of five for L$800


The Wrapped Denim Shirt and Soft Denim Skirt are both available now at my main location at the ICON Lifestyles sim (thank you RubyStarlight Writer and Wil Dreadlow for putting up with me 😉 )

You can also find them at my new satellite location at the recently updated MALT Village, which shares a sim with MALT Fashions. I’m so happy to have a location near one of my favorite SL designers.

other style details: hair from Truth, skins from Gala Phoenix (top photo) and Tuli (vendor photos), necklace from Shine (DNS subscriber gift)


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