*elymode* lucky chair

Hey there! I got a lucky chair yesterday and recolored a couple of items especially for it. A dark blue was definitely missing from my lounging set, so I’ve put a pair of lucky blue panties and matching cami in there.

*elymode* lucky chair item

Also in the chair is the Short Zip Cardi; I was in the mood for some autumn color.

*elymode* lucky chair item

get lucky <– that’s your ride to *elymode*

so… early this morning I broke my store, the whole thing returned to me, and the build returned to a few people. It’s fixed now, mostly (Thank you Ruby and Feles and Wil.) If you come on down and see things out of place a bit, or a couple of people who haven’t had enough sleep standing around editing the building, forgive me. Lucky chair works though!


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