*elymode* limited set and gift (last day)

Last week I put this light brown version of the Tuxedo Shirt out at my shop as a free gift. I will be picking it up by early Monday morning so if you want it, go and grab it! After that I will be putting it in my new-resident gift box and only those 30 days or younger will be able to get it!

*elymode* tuxedo shirt limited

The shirt coordinates perfectly with the *elymode* Tuxedo in limited edition brown, which is also available until Monday morning. After that it will not be available at all. Not only is this a limited edition color, but it is actually less expensive than the black tuxedo for sale in my shop as part of my permanent collection. The brown tux pants and vest is set for sale at L$250; the non-limited edition pants are L$190 and the vests are L$150 each.

*elymode* Tuxedo Vest & Pants limited

Come on down and check out my new main shop. If you have never purchased anything from *elymode* before, I hope you grab the gift so you can see the results of the hard work and attention to detail that goes into everything I create.


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