*elymode* lotd

So, I’ve been having a little dilemma. My fashion photography blog, Photographing SL was created with the intention of highlighting the fashion and other creations in SL. I don’t want to turn it into just another vehicle for promoting my own clothing designs, but part of the fun of creating my own clothing is wearing it for photos! So in addition to announcing new releases or other store info on this *elymode* blog, I’m going to put some pretty pics here too. I’ll continue to use Photographing SL primarily for photos of things other people make.

My vendor pics are unprocessed and typically show each item separately; these *elymode* look photos on the other hand will be all pretty and stuff 🙂 I’ll be putting outfits together with items that weren’t designed as part of the same set, and trying to convince some of my friends to put together some mix ‘n match outfits too. *cough* feles&ruby *cough* oh excuse me, I must be getting a cold 😉


Tied-v long sleeve shirt in blue (on xstreet)
Angle-waist skirt in silver (on xstreet)
or find them at my main shop at the ICON Lifestyle sim

skin from Staged, hair from Truth, shoes from Maitreya
pose from [lap], crystals from Botanical, tree from New Trails, particle meadow from Fluffy Green Meadows


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