new *elymode* location and special items

I finally have a space that really feels like mine. There is lots of room to grow, so let me get this blog post done so that I can get back to finishing this sweater dress I’ve got in the works! My new main location is on the ICON Lifestyles sim, at the southeast corner. Come on down and have a look.

Elymode new main store

To celebrate my new main store, I have a light brown version of the Tuxedo Shirt available as a gift for this week only. Once the week is up I will be putting it in my new-resident gift box and only those 30 days or younger will be able to get it!

*elymode* tuxedo shirt limited

For some reason, after I have finished a set, put everything together in world, and make my vendors, I get an urge to make another color. This time around, it was 5 in the morning one day last week and I was laying in bed, almost asleep when I thought “OH! that would be great in brown!” So for this week only you can get the brown tux pants and vest for L$250. The non-limited edition pants are L$190 and the vests are L$150 each, so this is not only a special color, you get it for less, too. After this week, it won’t be available at all.

*elymode* Tuxedo Vest & Pants limited

I hope you come on down and check out the new shop. Many thanks to Feles Seitan for helping me set up, I couldn’t have done with out you; and thanks to RubyStarlight Writer too, for helping facilitate the move.


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