*elymode* Tuxedo

Maybe some day I will learn to create single pieces that allow more frequent releases, but for now I really do enjoy making sets like my latest, the *elymode* Tuxedo. Sorry guys, it’s just for ladies, for now. Thank you to the lovely Feles Seitan, Jennaa Loire and Ella Quinsette for posing with me for this store pic.


It started with the pants. I was determine to master the software for creating the pant legs sculpts, and though I kicked and screamed and cursed all the way, the end result had me dancing around my house. The pants are available in 3 colors with black details, or black with color details. Singles sell for L$190 or you can get the pack of 6 for L$975. I’ve included another purchase option too, for those who might like both versions of one color. Those packs of 2 are L$350.


The matching vest has a neckline that I am just in love with and turns the traditionally masculine tuxedo into a very sexy suit. Each color comes with two sets of sculpted buttons: color and black (the black vest comes with all button colors). Single colors are available for L$150, or you can get the pack of 4 for L$550.


Of course every tuxedo needs a tuxedo shirt, so I worked off of the neckline of the vest to create a perfect shirt, available on all layers so you can even have it untucked under the vest. The sculpted cuffs add just enough shape to the sleeves without being bulky, and the semi-transparent fabric peeking out at the ends adds a bit of delicate femininity to this other wise strong design. Each shirt sells for L$165, or both for L$295.

-elymode- vendor tux shirt

Oh yeah! I’ve got a new location too at the southeast corner of the ICON Lifestyles sim. It’s bigger and gives me lots of room to grow.
Here’s your limo. http://slurl.com/secondlife/ICON%20Lifestyle/213/44/32

p.s. I also have a limited time brown version of the tux, and a light brown shirt as a free gift… but I’ll blog more about that later, one thing at a time!


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