*elymode* Leafy sets now on xstreetsl

I spent some time with xstreetsl last night.. we really have a love-hate relationship: I hate it, until I get a sale… then it’s love, until I have to list more items. My Leafy set is available is 12 colors… x 3 items… plus packs… 42 xstreetsl listings *bangs my head on the desk* If you’d like to purchase these items on xstreet, find them here: https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&MerchantID=81615 You can also visit my 2 locations in world: Crush Row, or ICON Lifestyles.

The Leafy set is a line of mix and match tank tops, skirts and open cardigans. The Leafy Tank is a solid color tank with contrasting color leaf detail. The trim and thin straps are a mix of the two colors to tie the design together. Lots of layering options (all layers included) let you wear tanks tucked in or out and under or over other items. Single colors are L$125, or you can get packs of 6 for L$625.


The Leafy Open Cardi is open enough to let the tank detail come through, but covers enough to be worn on its own. (includes jacket, shirt and pants layers.) The cardigan comes in colors that match the leaf detail of the tanks, and has a subtle leaf detail on the sleeves to tie it into the theme of the set. Sculpted cuffs are color/texture change to match all available colors of the cardi and skirt. The color change cuffs are a great accent when mixing and matching different colors in the set. Single cardis are L$150 and packs of 6 are L$750.


The Leafy Skirt is a mid-thigh length solid color skirt with the same subtle leaf detailing as the cardigan. The glitch pants (pants and underwear layer included) also have the leafy detailing, so if your thigh pokes through the prims the detail isn’t lost. The skirt prims, especially on the sides, sit lower than typical skirts to let you show off your beautiful shape that so often gets hidden under skirt prims. Single skirts sell for L$175, packs of 6 are L$875.


Instead of selling fatpacks of all colors (I thought 12 was too much!), I have broken them down into packs of 6. Pack 1 of the solid color cardi and skirt match the leafy details of the tank pack 1, same for pack 2. Elysiana Eilde, Vixie Rayna and Jennaa Loire helped me show off some of the mix and match possibilities in this shot.


See more of my items on xstreet: https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&MerchantID=81615
or visit my shops in world: ICON Lifestyles or Crush Row.


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