one day left *elymode* limited

Today is your last chance to pick up the Scooped out Corset in white as part of a limited time offer. Blogger Nissa Nightfire featured it in a post this week! if you’d like to have a look at a less processed photo of this item visit her blog. The white version of the corset will not be available for sale once I take the box back to my inventory.

elymode scooped-out-corset Limited Edition White

Not only do you get the limited edition Scooped-out Corset in white, but you also get it in black, with matching panties from my Lounging set. The single black corset usually sells for L$175… here you get both corsets plus panties for L$200…. but only for the rest of today. Luckily, my “today” typically goes till 6am or 7am the next day so it won’t be a strict midnight deadline.

I currently have 2 locations in world, the limited edition corset set is available at both:
Crush Row, with a second location at ICON Lifestyles next to some great shops.

In case you are interested, the Old Hollywood skins from Ryker Beck’s Exodi in that photo are actually black & white in world! The skins are currently available at the Skin & Shape Expo.


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