*elymode* xstreet additions

Three more elymode items hit xstreet today.

The Tied-v Long Sleeve shirt combines an almost off the shoulder bateau neckline with a deep v-neck held up by a short length of ribbon and sculpted bead. The ends of the sleeves combine sculpts and flexi to add some dimension. The rich texture and colors were designed to create a conservative yet sexy top half of a semi formal dress when paired with the elymode long simple skirt, but also looks great as a casual with other items from your inventory. Single colors of this top are available for L$190 and the pack pf 6 colors for L$950 at my shops and on xstreet (links and slurl below.)

The Long Simple skirt, available in the same colors as the Tied-v shirt can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair it with. The skirt attachment starts lower on the hips than most skirts, allowing you to wear long shirts that typically don’t work with skirts. Here we are wearing the skirt with a top from Solange! which comes down quite far on the hips, and here with another top from elymode, and below, unprocessed, in the vendor pic. Single colors of this skirt are available for L$190 and the pack pf 6 colors for L$950 at my shops and on xstreet.

-elymode- vendor longsimple

The next item that I have finally listed on xstreet is the Scooped-out Corset, an overbust corset intended to be worn as part of a formal or semi-formal outfit along with the Long Simple Skirt, but can also work for casual or even lingerie. The neckline is cut with an unexpected scoop to show some cleavage for a very sexy look. Here I have even mixed the corset with the bottom of a fantasy gown from Evie’s closet.

-elymode- vendor corset

DON’T MISS my gift and limited edition set at ICON Lifestyles, this week only!

I currently have 2 locations in world: all of my items are available at Crush Row, with a second location at ICON Lifestyles next to some great shops.

If you’d like to see these items on xstreet, find them here: https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&MerchantID=81615
This is my first go at using xstreet so, please, if you have a problem or notice something incorrect, get in touch with me.


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