elymode gift and exclusive color items at ICON Lifestyles

I’ve been workin’ on this Lounging Set for a while now, and it’s finally ready for release. Vendor shots and packing up is still ahead of me, but I thought it would be fun to choose a color to release early, and for a limited time only. The ICON Lifestyles sim, where I rent a shop, is having a grand re-opening party this afternoon, and if you head over to my shop at 1pm slt you will find a few special items, available for this week only.

The cami & panty set is a gift to anyone who comes by my ICON location. I’ll be releasing these for sale in about a dozen other colors in a few days, but this week is your only chance to get them in “pumpkin,” and for free.

Lounging cami and panties - exclusive color gift this week only

The pants and zipped sweater in the same pumpkin color will also be available later today in my shop at ICON Lifestyles; also only for this week. You can get the set, with color change cuffs for the pants and sweater, for L$200. A dozen or so other colors will be released later this week at a slightly higher price, available as tops and pants separately.

Lounging pants & Zipped Sweater - exclusive color available this week only

These items will be available later today at ICON Lifestyles sim’s grand re-opening at 1pm slt until at least Friday September 18th; I will be picking them up sometime that weekend, never to be released again.

There are tons of other great shops on the sim, and there will be live music to, so check it out.

here’s your limo


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