*elymode* on xstreetsl

In getting to the task of listing my items on xstreet, i thought blogging them as I go is a great way to put my collection up here, a few items at a time. The clothing in the vendor photos has not been retouched or enhanced in Photoshop (or any other program!)

The angled short tank and angle-waist skirt are designed in coordinating textures and colors, and, like most of the elymode collection, are also great for mixing at matching. You get all layers with these so you can layer other clothing items and wear your tattoos. It’s getting colder in my part of the world, so I’ve been throwing a cardi over it like in this photo.

-elymode- vendor angle-tank

Both the tank and skirt are available at my store, or on xstreet (SLurl and link below). The tank is 100L for one color, 500L for the pack of 6. The skirt is 175L per color, 875L for the 6-pack. Permissions on these and most elymode items are copy only for layers, copy and modify for attachments.

-elymode- vendor angledskirt

I also listed the heart tank and shorties, which, though they were my first item to release, surprise me every time I put them on and think “these hold up to my current standards!” The heart cutout is a bit cliché I know… but it was kind of a symbol for “my first clothing design” 🙂 Each color set (tank and shorts) sells for 60L, 6pack is 300L.

-elymode- vendor heart

I currently have 2 locations in world: all of my items are available at Crush Row, with a second location at ICON Lifestyles next to some great shops like Tuli *runs over to hug her* and Sugarcube *wanders over wondering why she hasn’t been in here*.

If you’d like to see these items on xstreet, find them here: https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&MerchantID=81615
This is my first go at using xstreet so, please, if you have a problem or notice something incorrect, get in touch with me.


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