elymode @ Starlight Exclusives

I launched *elymode* and then found myself in a whirlwind of other activities, so lets get this blog going shall we?

I have created the “High Waist Bloomers Dress” as part of the Starlight Exclusives collection, a collection of unique designs from some of SL’s talented designers, available only at the Starlight Exclusives shop at the ICON Lifestyles sim. The Dress comes in three colors: black/wine, black/purple and black/green and can be purchased separately for 575L per color or 975L for the 3-pack. As with all *elymode* items, you get everything on all layers… but don’t worry, I have included instructions!

Starlight Exclusives Viewbook Spread 05

This above image from the Starlight Exclusives Viewbook (see the full collection here) shows Elaine Greene modeling the full dress with me showing off my bum in the bloomers-only option included with each color. Seen with us is the lovely Anessa Stein wearing DCNY’s “Miranda” , also available only at the boutique.

The very talented Eira Juliesse was brought on board to do all the vendor shots for the shop, and if you know me you know how picky I am, but I think she did a fantastic job, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result! Modeled again by Elaine Greene. Remember, this dress is not available at my elymode locations but only at Starlight Exclusives at the ICON Lifestyle sim. Here is your limo!



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